Monday, June 30, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Torn By Fury" by SM Reine


Elise Kavanaugh (kopis, hunter, incarnation of Eve, Father of Hell) is waging war against the angels, wanting them to repent for their sins in building New Eden with the bones of the humans they've killed.
She can't do it alone, however, enlisting Rylie (an Alpha werewolf who has personal reasons for doing this), and James, Elise's aspis.
But trials litter their already treacherous path, and no one knows if Hell, Heaven or Earth will even survive.

In the tradition of SM Reine's fast-paced, imaginative and intricate novels, the reader is treated to a barrage of action and emotions mixed in with the author's unique voice.
I have always been a fan of Elise's character (and yes, I "ship" her with James all the way back since Death's Hand) and her inner goodness shines strongly in Torn By Fury. She might be a demon, but she's a true hero...even if she has to drop a few bodies along the way! One of the best female lead characters in a very long time.
I think both new and longtime fans of Reine will be delighted with the story. I know I was! The bloodshed was just enough and not overdone, and the characters interact with each other in a way that make you feel as though they're real.
Amazing work, as always.


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