Monday, June 9, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Mr. Mercedes" by Stephen King


I'll be blunt: when a writer (or actor or musician for that matter) has been around for over 40 years, their work gets a little shoddy, though there are always exceptions to the rule, like Clint Eastwood and Steven Tyler. For writing, that exception is the Master of Horror, Stephen King.
Like wine he improves with age and, also like wine, his stories gain more potency.
No more are there lurking immortals or ghosts in hotels. In the 70s, those things scared us because life was fairly innocuous then. Fear was for movies and TV, and it dealt with the imaginary. Now, vampires don't scare us half as much as the thought of a total Depression, or school shooting. As a great horror writer, Mr. King draws on that fear in Mr. Mercedes.

Retired Detective Bill Hodges is suicidal until a letter arrives from an old perp ("perk"), the one who killed eight people a year before by crashing a stolen Mercedes into a queue. One of the deceased was just a baby.
He wants Bill to kill himself while he watches, just as the old owner of the car did.
Now the killer has resurfaced, and only Bill can catch him, as the local police are tied up with a bigger murder case. Along with the deceased woman's sister and a teenage neighbor, he's on a mission to stop Mr. Mercedes before he ups his body count immensely.

Stephen King has been my favorite author since I was thirteen, and remains so today. Mr. Mercedes is a multi-level story, combining mystery, crime, romance and psychology into one epic novel. You go inside the mind of the killer and follow along on this crazy journey that could end in an epic, bloody catastrophe.
You'll gasp, you'll cry a little, you'll hold ypur breath, and then you'll gasp some more as the story envelops you right until the very last sentence.
Amazing work from an amazing mind!


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  1. Great review, always enjoy reading Stephen King's books so much, been looking forward to Mr Mercedes. Stephen King is my favourite author as well, I've read nearly all his books, and enjoy them so much. Can't wait to read Mr King's new book :D

  2. Thank you! This was short on gore but heavy on fear and psychological drama. I really think it's one of his best. I hope you enjoy it!

  3. Thanks, I'll look forward to reading Mr Mercedes.

  4. I'd love to hear your take on this: