Thursday, June 19, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "I'm Not Guilty" by Dr. Al Carlisle, Ph.D



So far, every book I've read from Genius Books Publishing and Malena Public Relations has been fantastic, and I'm Not Guilty, the first in Dr. Al Carlisle's The Development of the Violent Mind series, is no exception.

Dr. Carlisle evaluated notorious killer Ted Bundy for Utah courts in the 1970s and continued to speak with him numerous times before his execution.
Through a painstaking process, he recreated the life and murders of Ted Bundy by piecing together interviews with Bundy and various friends, colleagues and relations.
In the culmination of the book, we are treated to a fictional interview with Bundy, where he sums up his evil actions and explains the whys and hows. While Dr. Carlisle continuously presses that it is a fictional interview, his talents at studying the human psyche makes it seem very real, indeed.

This story is original with Dr. Carlisle's own extensive research meeting with a fantastic speculative mind creating a background and confession when there was none years ago. Till today, psychology students and those who have an interest in crime (as I do) study the case of Ted Bundy. Even if you're not into those things, chances are tgat you know the grisly story.
Reading this takes you deeper into the mind of a psychopath. I loved devouring every word, learning about the various reasons of psychosis and why people go from seemingly harmless to a name in the headlines.
This book features a lot of medical jargon, so some may find it a bit too long, but most will love it. Who knows, it may even make some college students change their majors!

Great, intense read. Perfect for everyone, but especially recent grads and crime buffs.

5/5--great and intense!

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