Friday, June 27, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "The Pustoy" by Philippe Blenkiron


"I wonder, unwound toy
if they buried your turn-key
somewhere near you.
I would like to hold it.
I miss the sounds you make."

I'm a huge poetry fan. I read it, I write it and I've noticed that it is really quite unappreciated in the days of the erotic short story and paranormal YA novels. Poetry is a pure and beautiful art form that was taken to another level by Dagda Publishing's Philippe Blenkiron with his poetic debut The Pustoy.

The new British Prime Minister, Lev Solokov, had declared a portion of the human race soulless and killed many of them. He calls them The Pustoy. But Gavin, of the alleged soulless, doesn't like the new political regime.
Solokov frames Gavin for murder, but, in this brave new world, just who is the truly soulless one?

In just 62 pages the reader is taken on a poetic journey into a world that, frighteningly, could be our own one day. Solokov's reign is similar to Hitler's in Germany, but possibly becomes even worse.
It's a political epic poem that makes you want to read and read. You'll be sorry when this story ends. It flows like water. The lines I posted at the top are my favorites and are there simply to give you a hint at the chaotic beauty that is The Pustoy.


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