Monday, June 9, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Clementine's Shadow" by Peggy Rothschild


Lemonade, murder and art criticism. One of the final lines in Peggy Rothschild's mystery novel Clementine's Shadow will be permanently stuck in my head.
Deputy Casey Lang is new in Ardon, California. She moved due to two things: an 'incident' with a teen and a gun and her slightly disturbed ex, Sid, who won't leave her alone.
Brady Stone is a rich artist who loves women, whiskey and a little smoke. No one likes him much, but he doesn't really care. He and his friends are planning a little surprise for the town at the local concert...but they went out to the mine and won't answer their phones.
Jane Strauss is a troubled teen with anger management issues and a dark secret. When local drunk Winston's daughter Tiny goes missing, Jane vows not to let what happened to her happen to Tiny.
The sleepy town of Ardon is about to get a big wake-up call after Tiny vanishes at the concert...and some may never wake up ever again...

This book is very interesting and gripping. The cast of characters perfectly embodies the spirit of a small desert town like Ardon and the mystery surrounding Tiny's disappearance keeps you guessing from beginning to end.
It reads like an episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit meets an Agatha Christie novel. In most whodunit books, I know who dun it, but in this one I had no clue.
This is a book with a lot of heart behind it and it is really a great read for mystery fans. I'm looking forward to more books from Ms. Rothschild!

5/5--love it!

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