Thursday, June 12, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Space Sushi" by L.R. Currell


In L.R. Currell's futuristic short story, "Space Sushi--Lunch In 100 Years", part of the Futuristic In Nature Anthology, we meet food critic Chang Luis Sahari, whose editor has commissioned him to taste Space Sushi, an expensive, rare and potentially deadly delicacy from the intergallactic Andromeda region.
His friend, Chef Nikon, is the expert feeding him the killer dish, with help from his (surprisingly human) distracted waitress, Judy. Most people have robotic assistants now, like Chang's Tablet.
Will Chang taste the culinary version of Heaven, or go visit the REAL Heaven?

The 30 pages fly by before you know it. The reader is taken into a futuristic Earth where good food can easily kill and human error has been nearly obliterated thanks to robots.
You feel the fear, distress and anticipation that Chang feels. You wonder what on Earth is going to happen. And most of all, you may be surprised at the outcome.


The Futuristic in Nature Anthology will be available in July/August. I will update this post when purchase links are available.

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