Monday, June 16, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Gracie - Women & War #1" by Ellie Keaton


Historical fiction not including a vampire or ghost in the narrative is not usually my forte, but I give all books a read and review because, if I'm being honest, I devour books and hate to leave anything unread!
Gracie - Women & War #1 is a new historical fiction novella by Irish author Ellie Keaton, describing how it was in the UK during World War II, right before and after it began.
It tells the tale of a young lady named Gracie Thompson and her family--her veteran father, weary mother, younger siblings and twin brother Stan, who wants to fly in the war. Stan's best friend, Charlie Power, also wants to fly, but there is one thing that he wants more: Gracie! The two are in love, but can their love last through this horrific event?
Gracie isn't alone throughout all of this: her best friend Penny, the rich niece of Gracie's boss, is there by her side, a great secondary character who will be getting her own book soon!

This is a great tale of how it was back in the mid 1900's, told with amazingly accurate facts and a lot of heart. Gracie is a great female lead--she's strong-willed and confident with a heart of gold. In fact, every character is so important, even those who don't appear for more than a page or so.
It's a vivid book with a heartbreaking narrative and a wonderful love story at its heart. It shows how women were treated with kid gloves back then (unless they were laboring in the kitchen, of course!) and how we longed to be free to fight and do our part to help our countries.
I enjoyed reading this and I'm sure you will too, reader. It will leave you wanting more from Penny!

4/5--great read!

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