Wednesday, June 4, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Straw Writes" by Chris Shugrue


In Chris Shugrue's debut book, Straw Writes, he takes only 50 pages to tell us about the horrors of war from inside the mind of a severe PTSD sufferer, Straw.
His wife left him and took their daughter with her. He has flashbacks of a brutal time in combat and sees the ghosts of legendary writers Walt Whitman and Allen Ginsberg.

Someone described this as a brave book and I agree. It takes guts to publish a short story like this.
The reader is immediately taken into the mind of Straw. You can see the war, the ghosts and feel Straw's desperation as if it is your own.
What I like best is the intercut portions of Bob Dylan lyrics and writings of the aforementioned authors (favorites amongst war vets). In a world where I see that most readers (of all ages and backgrounds) have no appreciation for the classics, it's refreshing to know that they are still revered in this time.

Very innovative book. Not for everyone, but everyone should give it a try!


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Read more about the book via Monkey Puzzle Press' website here .

Read about the book from Mr. Shugrue's point of view on MPP'S blog here .

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