Saturday, June 14, 2014

COMIC BOOK REVIEW: "San Hannibal #2: The Corpse Broker"


Writer/artist: Dan Schkade
Colors/letters: Jesse Snavlin
Cover: JD Faith
Editor: PJ Perez
Publisher: Pop! Goes The Icon

In the second installment of San Hannibal, the reader finds PI Avery  still searching for the missing photojournalist Savannah Loy.
He needs to talk to the last person to see her alive, but she's not so easy to get information from. When he's taken to an underground Fight Club and ambushed. He's lucky: most in the ambush died.

This issue is much more action-packed than issue #1. Schkade's writing is still very simplistic and to the point, but he's added a new level of mystique to it to keep the reader guessing, when one of the characters gives Avery a little riddle.
I like the added depth to it and I also enjoy the color scheme that changed from the first issue's pink to a neon blue with faint hints of gold and pink, depending on the scene.
The art reminded me a bit of Mignola and Gabriel Bá, and that is a compliment!
This is a great indie mystery and I look forward to reading the next installment!

4/5--great work!

Purchase San Hannibal #2 at you local comic shop or from Pop! Goes The Icon's store HERE .

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