Friday, June 27, 2014

MANGA REVIEW: "Goryo Dog #2"


Writer: Joseph P. Gauthier
Artist: Zahdian Arief Arizky
Letters: Alex Lugo
Cover: Anthony Van Den Risen
Publisher: 10 Worlds Studio

Goryo Dog is a digital serial manga available for a small donation on the 10 Worlds Studio website (link below), and in issue #2 we are first introduced to two strange characters, Uba and Tanuki, who don't exactly look quite human.
We are given a history of Yamoto no Orochi Secondary School, including its top students from its past...all of whom became serial killers after graduating from the school.
After that we are taken into the fight club and left in a cliffhanger with another new character, Willie.

If you liked issue #1, issue #2 will only succeed in making you toto dig deeper into the checkered past te school and want to know know just who these strange new players in the game are.
I have realy one problem with these issues...they are too short! I want more and you will, too, reader.
You don't have to be a fan of manga to read Goryo Dog. Let this be your introduction to the wonderful world of Japanese manga!

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10 Worlds Studio

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