Monday, June 30, 2014

MANGA REVIEW: "Goryo Dog #4"


Writer: Joseph P. Gauthier
Artist: Zahdian Arief Arizky
Letters: Alex Lugo
Cover: Anthony Van Den Risen
Publisher: 10 Worlds Studio

Goryo Dog is a digital serial manga available for a small donation on the 10 Worlds Studio website (link below), and in issue #3,  Willie Jackson's story is continued after his devastating defeat in an illegal underground fight.
When his father's trainer refuses to train him, he is met in a dark alley (where else, haha) by a mysterious man who promises him power and death...for a price.

I love how creepy the story has been getting so far. As a manga and horror fan, I can say that the creators are doing a fantastic job! The art is so intricate and it fits the story's eerie tone.
Looking forward to reading issue #5 tomorrow! Manga fans, hurry and pick this book up so you can say, "I was a fan when it was brand new!"


Purchase Goryo Dog via:

10 Worlds Studio

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