Sunday, June 29, 2014

MANGA REVIEW: Goryo Dog #3


Writer: Joseph P. Gauthier
Artist: Zahdian Arief Arizky
Letters: Alex Lugo
Cover: Anthony Van Den Risen
Publisher: 10 Worlds Studio

Goryo Dog is a digital serial manga available for a small donation on the 10 Worlds Studio website (link below), and in issue #3 we meet yet another new character, the teenage Willie, whose father was killed in a pro fight. He is training to best the man who beat his father.

It's a quicker read than the previous two, and with a much more compelling focal point, the young boy wanting to avenge his beloved father.
Another great installment of Goryo Dog from 10 Worlds Studio, one that keeps the reader wondering, Just where are they going with all this?


Read Goryo Dog (and leave a donation) HERE .

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