Friday, July 4, 2014

BLOG TOUR Pt. 2: Interview With Yasmine Galenorn


1. When/why did you decide to become a writer?

I knew I wanted to be a writer from the time I was three years old. I was learning to read and one day, either somebody told me, or I figured it out, that people “made” the books that I loved. And right then, I decided I wanted to “make books”…and that’s what I focused on all of my life.

2. What was the inspiration behind your Indigo Court Series?

The series actually came to me in a dream—I was staring at a painting in the dream, and it was absolutely beautiful. A snowbound woodland with all sorts of odd creatures in it, and a woman named Cicely was walking along a path through the forest. I knew—the way you just know things in dreams—that she was searching for her aunt, who had been captured. Looming over the scene was a spidery-thin, frost-covered queen named Myst, and I realized she was queen of the Indigo Court, a realm of vampiric Fae, and that she had captured Cicely’s aunt. I woke up and wrote it down, and it stayed with me till I realized I had to write their story.

3. Why decide to end it rather than let it go on further?

Unlike the Otherworld Series, I always planned for the Indigo Court to be a finite series. I told Cicely’s story, and whatever happens to her after this (there’s an epilogue set 25 years in the future in NIGHT’S END, so you know what happens ‘after’), it would be a totally separate tale. Her world has changed, and she’s growing into her new life.

4. Can you please tell KSR readers what's next in your career?

I’m finishing up PANTHER PROWLING—book 17 of the Otherworld Series, and next I’ll be writing the first book of the Fly By Night Series—FLIGHT FROM DEATH, the spinoff of Otherworld. After that, I write book 18 of Otherworld. Besides these two series, I’m working on some ideas for a totally unrelated book/series, but it’s still in the germination stages. 

5. Can you tell the readers three things that will help entice them into reading your Indigo Court series?

If you like dark Faerie tales, then try my Indigo Court Series.
If you like unique twists on vampires, visit the Indigo Court.
If you like hot Faerie men, hedonistic vampires, and women who can hold their own, then the Indigo Court has what you’re looking for.

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