Tuesday, July 22, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "0-9" by James DeSantis


0-9 is the latest short story from James DeSantis, the author of the Exterminators series. If you have read his previous work, you know that he goes for the enigmatic and the violent.

Jill Loths is a girl with a crappy job at a bank. Her coworkers hate her. Her boss is promoting her...she hopes. And her ex broke her heart. She sounds like any other woman you would encounter in Chicago, or all of America, for that matter.
But she's not so normal. She's being followed. Why? You'll find out...

More great work from James's dark mind. This story, however, differs from his other shorts in that this one begs for a longer sequel one day. You will want to know the backstory and you will want to know Jill's future.
Great story with just enough violence and mystery.


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