Monday, July 14, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Havoc's Cry" by Loren Weaver


Victoria Novak is a sorceress, and the most powerful one at that. She's been in hiding since she escaped from the coven of vampires that was holding her. She has a job and a best friend, Trey. But Trey is more than he seems.
And when photos of her killing rogue vamps surface with the FBI, she is unexpectedly thrown back into the mix, whether she likes it or not.

Loren Weaver's debut novel, Havoc's Cry, features a great cast of characters, especially the strong female lead, Victoria. Many female protagonists lack that certain attitude that makes older teens of today want to read about them, but Ms. Weaver created a great lead character in sassy, bold Victoria.
Fans of Teen Wolf and The Hunger Games will eat this up. The story moves fast and steadily, with more action than your typical paranormal novel. That is probably the best thing about this. It's not a fluff novel in the least.
I want to read more about Victoria's adventures, and you will, too!

4/5--nice work!

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  1. Kelly,
    Thanks for the awesome review! I was so excited to see it!

  2. My pleasure! Your interview will be up later today. :)