Tuesday, July 15, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Bittersweet Deceit (Bound By Your Love #2)"by Blakely Bennett



I've read a lot of books. Most of the non-paranormal erotica I read is really a heartless book meant to simply indulge a reader's carnal desire. There's no heart and soul. Not so with Blakely Bennett's Bittersweet Deceit novel (the second book in her Bound By Your Love series, following Stuck In Between. You don't have to read Stuck In Between to enjoy Bittersweet Deceit. The backstory is clear.).

We meet Lainie Simmons, the best friend of Jaqs, the protagonist of Stuck In Between, and learn about her hot, sexy affair with a married man. She loves him and he says he loves her, but refuses to leave his wife and kids.
Her friends, especially the handspme and boyish Stayman, think she can do better, but insecure Lainie doesn't want to see it that way.
How many hearts will have to break before she sees the light?

Immediately, we are taken into a steamy sex scene between Lainie and Mason, her married lover. It was better writing in those few pages than in an entire slew of erotica short stories.
As a reader with a build like Lainie's and some of her insecurities, I connected with her quickly. Also, there's a line about wanting someone who doesn't want you the same way. I swear, my heart shattered simply reading that line. Both men in the story, Mason and Stay, are extremely sexy in disparate ways. I know which one I prefer were I to meet them in my real life haha!
It's a story that will melt your heart and wet your panties, to be quite blunt about it! But with all the sordid scenes, there is just as much real emotion between the characters.
A nice subplot is Lainie's evil mother and Stay's kind Granny. It adds a bit of reality to the story.
My favorite thing about it, however? The energy connection that two of the characters have. No one acknowledges, or even believes, in energy connections between two individuals, let alone writes about it.

I loved this book. I will be buying the prequel and the next installment of the series when it's released. But for everyone, but if your heart doesn't go through the wringer from beginning to end...check and make sure you're reading the right book haha!

Excellently written and greatly entertaining.

5/5--a real winner!

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