Monday, July 21, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "The Edge of Death" by John Benedict


I've truly enjoyed the people I've met via Goodreads. One of those people is Dr. John Benedict, author. His novel The Edge of Death, the sequel to Adrenaline, is an experience that teeters on the edge of being paranormal yet never crosses that line.

Dr. Mueller thinks he has found a way to resuscitate the newly dead, but doesn't anticipate that his experiment will have such dire effects.
Nick Chandler wakes from his coma to kill a nurse and break out of the hospital, his new chance at life empowering him in brand new ways with advanced healing abilities, strength and mind-reading powers.
Med school dropout Chip Allison witnesses the murder and he, along with tech Kristin, decide to try and figure out what happened to Chandler and solve the murder of their colleague.
Dr. Landry doesn't believe in Dr. Mueller's activities in the postmortem lab, but needs to brave his experiments when his wife is involved in a near-fatal accident.

I love medical dramas on TV, but rarely can find a good medical-based fiction l novel, as many of them are horribly dull. The Edge of Death is anything but dull!
You immediately get to know each character individually, even the dog, Smokey, and that gives the book a peculiar familiar feeling as you read it. The medical jargon doesn't overpower the story (though it might make you turn to Google at times), but instead adds to its authenticity.
The mention of Kirlian photography is noteworthy, as I looked into it upon finishing the story. Very inventive to use in a story like this and I liked it.
The science, as I mentioned, just pushes that paranormal boundary, and will make you think of life, death, souls and even vampires in a whole new way.

5/5--raw talent!

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