Wednesday, July 9, 2014

COMIC BOOK REVIEW: "Grayson #1 (New 52)"



Writer: Tim Seeley
Plot: Tim Seeley & Tom King
Art: Mikel Janen
Colors: Jeromy Cox
Letters: Carlos M. Mangual
Editors: Kickin' Katie Kubert & Merciless Mark Doyle
Assistant Editor: Matt Hunphreys

When Nightwing died, a little piece of every fan died, too. After all, some have been with Dick Grayson since the 1940s. Many can recall buying the single issue of New Teen Titans where Robin actually became Nightwing. For my generation, we still remember the first time we met Dick: on the Teen Titans cartoon over a decade ago.
So when I heard that DC was bringing Dick back, frankly, I didn’t care of he was Nightwing or a garbage man! But, of course I was skeptical about what would actually happen when he ditched the mask and became, simply, himself.

The story starts out with a trsin heist, but Dick isn't stealing cash or jewels, but rather a human being. And he's not working alone. A name many will recognize from the comics and some from the CW's Arrow, is working with him as a spy. (No spoilers! You want to know who, head over to your local comic shop (or Instagram...wherever.)
But with this introductory issue, we not only get reacquainted with Dick, we fall deeper in love with the character.
I can guarantee that this will be a long-running series and, once you pick up issue #1, you'll be counting the days until next time!

5/5--great work!

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  1. We totally agreed, and loved the new Grayson! No spoilers, but I’m so interested to see where this arch will take us. We gave Grayson #1 a 5/5 star review on our blog ( as well. Cheers for a good new DC comic!

  2. I thought it would be a total departure from his Boy Wonder/Nightwing days. I'm glad it isn't