Monday, August 11, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Emily" by Chantal Bellehumeur


In 2013, online magazine The Standard published their first fiction serial, stories based on the average yet entertaining life of Emily Jacobson, an eighteen year-old girl who gets pregnant by her boyfriend in the first installment.
Written by Chantal Bellehumeur, the readers go on a life journey with Emily, from the birth of her daughter, to her wedding, family deaths, breathtaking vacations and everything in between.

Emily, as I said, is an average character, as are most if the supporting cast, with the exception of her friend Veronica (who also got the short story treatment from Ms. Bellehumeur), who is my absolute favorite character.
The stories are, by today's standards, a bit bland. They are clean and family-friendly without being dull. That's a difficult thing to manage to achieve, but Ms. Bellehumeur did it!
I don't ever grade books on editing, but there are a few mistakes I'm surprised that the editors of The Standard didn't catch prior to publication. This is just a warning, readers, because some of them made me have to reread a few disparate sentences over twice.

Yes, this could have been spiced up more, but I did like for what they are: an entertaining little bunch of stories everyone can enjoy that will make you feel as if you're a part of Emily's life.

3/5--good job

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