Monday, August 4, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: A Dead Husband" by Anna Celeste Burke


I met some wonderful people through my blog and get to read some great stories. Most people think reading is a chore. I live for it.

It's hard to find good mysteries these days. A few are engaging, but most if what I find on Barnes and Noble shelves are lacking.
A Dead Husband by Anna Celeste Burke is an indie mystery novel with a killer story (pun intended). Jessica Huntington-Harper feels that her own life is in shambles. Her law career is pretty much dead, her marriage is pretty much dead and her best friend's husband is, literally, dead and the police think she, Laura, did it!
Jessica takes her first dip into the pool of criminal law to defend Laura, if, in fact, she needs defending. At her side she has her loving maid, Bernadette, her best friend, Tommy, a lawyer colleague, Paul, a PI, Jerry, and  a pool boy, Brien. But is that enough?

For the most part, A Dead Husband is a great mystery, where you can't predict the ending, but it had a few faults.
I loved the supporting characters, especially Bernadette, but Jessica left a little something to be desired in my opinion. I prefer underdog heroines, and she is a privileged girl who never knew struggle with the exception of her parents' divorce. Being hit with her own divorce was a big wake-up call for her.
Also, while I love detail, there could have been a little less shopping and a little more sleuthing. I like getting to know the characters, but I don't need to know their shopping list!
Otherwise, I loved the book and its plot, which pretty much did make me, the reader, a spectator in the lives of these characters. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love a mystery where I can't guess whodunit!

I'll definitely return for the sequels!

4/5--nice work!

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