Wednesday, August 20, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Crossing The Line (Kismet #1)" by Samantha Long [18+]


I enjoyed Mrs. Long's YA paranormal series, Guardians. So I wondered, how would she do switching from that to adult romance? I needn't have worried, as she wrote Crossing The Line as fluidly and eloquently as she wrote Sophie's unnatural adventures.
This is how you tell the good authors from the "okay" authors. Okay authors can write one genre and write it well, but if they have to switch genres, they're lost. Good authors can write ANY genre, as long as they enjoy what they're writing (see Stephen King's The Body, compared with The Shining).

Victoria is a young divorceé with twin daughters, loving parents and amazing sisters. Her ex is a pain, but her career is taking off. The last thing she needs is a man, but her father has other ideas.
He wants to set her up with his contractor, Nick, a former bad boy with an aversion to kids and relationships. This seems like a match made in Hell, especially when one of her daughters decides Nick is a bad replacement for her father.
With the trials of an everyday life, along with some very unexpected twists, can this budding relationship bloom into love or will it be crushed underfoot?

Crossing The Line was a wonderful novel of love, lust, hurt and self-realization. With delightful characters (Addie, who is getting her own book soon, is spunky and adorable), real emotions and a sensitive narration, I don't think you can go wrong with this book.
You'll relate to at least one character, feel empathy/sympathy for others, and will feel like they're family themselves by the time you close the book.
The emotions and events behind why Nick is the way he is are particularly poignant. I love that this is not your typical "girl meets boy" type of story. It has a lot of depth.
Great work. I can't wait to read the next installment!

5/5--loved it!

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