Wednesday, September 24, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Turbulence And Restoration (The Book of Drachma #3)" by Timothy H. Cook


In the third installment of Timothy H. Cooks's The Book of Drachma trilogy, Turbulence And Restoration, we find Dr. Gilsen having some amorous thoughts towards a woman who is not his wife, discovering pneumonia for the first time in the fifteenth century, and contemplating the possibility that he and his nurse, Judy Morrison, may never make it home to the twenty-first century.
He's still tying to figure out who the mysterious man is that summoned him and Judy to the past, and of they'll ever see him again to ask him the myriad of questions that they have for him.
But the biggest question is, will they ever go home again?

The final piece of the Drachma trilogy is much more fast-paced than its predecessors, and gives you the most information about the mysterious Book they seek, the characters' inner selves and how magic and medicine seem to be so similar.
The characters didn't need development, but they did develop as this series went on, and did so quite well. Dr. Cook's individual voice can be heard the most and the village of Shepperton has never been so vivid in my mind.
While this book answer most of the questions both the characters and the readers had after reading Coaptation, there is room for more, which gives hope that Dr. Gilsen's story is not yet over...

5/5--very enjoyable!

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