Thursday, September 18, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "The Misadventures of Me And My Uterus" by Laurie W-J-N


I enjoy medical stories, real or fictional. I even toyed with the idea of becoming a doctor before I realized I am highly squeamish around everything EXCEPT for blood!
The Misadventures of Me And My Uterus by Laurie Jake is an introspection into the everyday struggles with peri-menopause and menopause. Mrs. Jake details her story of pain, endless doctor visits and endless anxiety with humor and insight.
Every woman should read this! Everyone close to a woman who is/is near the menopause stage of her life should read this. When women go through the change, it's not JUST hot sweats and mood swings. It's so much more (and all of those things contribute greatly to mood swings!).

Reading this, I understood even more of what my mom has gone through since she was in her late thirties (yes, she got it young). Even my mom, when I read her a few select passages, got some better understanding of her situation.
I liked the humor embedded into what really is a very stressful story. How do I know, at my young age? I went through all the cancer tests alongside my mother. I see the pain she's in a lot of the time.
The way Mrs. Jake dealt with her medical problems will give a lot of women some comfort and a lot of others not going through the change some necessary information.
The only thing I disagreed with her about was the fact that they want to make transvaginal ultrasounds mandatory. She doesn't agree with the politicians' views. I do, because, had the doctors not given my mother one when she was pregnant with me, they couldn't have found my heartbeat and would have killed me, never knowing I was alive.
So yes, transvaginal ultrasounds being mandatory might save a lot of lives!

All in all, as I said above, every woman should read this!

4/5--entertaining and reassuring!

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