Tuesday, September 2, 2014

STORY SPOTLIGHT: "The Ghost's Guitar" by Lily Luchesi


Published poet Lily Luchesi has debuted her first work of fiction, the paranormal short story The Ghost's Guitar.

Teenage Goth Maria has no choice but to move with her family from New York City to a rural suburb. She thinks it will be a living Hell, but her mysterious next door neighbor makes things just a bit more bearable.
But why won’t he touch her? And why is his family so depressed?

You can read the story for FREE by clicking HERE . The link will direct you to People Write Things, the awesome blog helping indie writers get noticed. Below is where you can contact Lily.

This is my first PUBLISHED editing job, and I'm grateful for the opportunity. If you would like me to edit your manuscript for a reasonable fee, please click HERE .

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