Monday, November 10, 2014

COMIC BOOK REVIEW: "Spring Heeled Jack #1)

Tony Deans (writer), Martha Laverick (artist), with lettering by Joshua Cozine.
Spring Heeled Jack is being published by New York Times Best Selling Publisher Alterna Comic and can be purchased online via Comixology and Drive Thru Comics.

There is panic and fear on the streets of London as more and more victims are claimed by Spring Heeled Jack, a figure supposedly able to breath fire and leap buildings in a single bound. The police are left stumped and so call on a young Arthur Conan Doyle and his mentor Joseph Bell to take charge of the case and to bring the culprit to justice once and for all. However, they'll find that Spring Heeled Jack is unlike any man they've encountered before and that they'll have to push themselves to the extremes to be able to stop a threat that may just be unstoppable...

Vampires and Arthur Conan Doyle. What could be better? Combining them in a comic book? Yes, that's better!
Spring Heeled Jack is a great comic, and the first issue will hook you and drag you in whether you want it to or not!
The art is very simplistic and perfect for the type of comic this is. It's light, feathery and the colors catch your eye, duller tones with vibrant red in spots.
The writing is superb, and makes you feel like you're reading something that was actually written in this era, not the 21st century. It's part horror and part mystery; nothing like your typical comic book. I really enjoyed reading this and am excited for issue two!

5/5--a great first issue!

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