Monday, November 24, 2014

COMIC BOOK REVIEW/PREVIEW: "San Hannibal #5" (out 12/17/14)

Writer/Artist: Dan Schkade
Letterer/Colorist: Jesse Snavlin
Cover: Dan Schkade/Jesse Snavlin
Editor: PJ Perez
Publisher: Pop Goes The Icon

Throughout the course of San Hannibal’s five issues, writer/artist Dan Schkade and colorist/letterer Jesse Snavlin have put their protagonist, hard-luck private detective Ira Avery, through the ringer: He’s been shot at, beaten up, bombed, drugged and nearly buried alive in his search for Loy. And in the final issue of the “neon-noir” mini-series, the truth behind her disappearance is finally revealed—and so is the true face of power in San Hannibal.
San Hannibal #5 will be available on Dec. 17 in comic book stores and via for $2.99, as well as through digital platforms such as Comixology, DriveThruComics and ComicsPlus for just $0.99 cents. To find a comic store near you, call 1-800-COMIC-BOOK or visit

After many long months, readers of San Hannibal will finally get the answer to that infamous question: "What's the story, Savannah Loy?"
With murders, conspiracy, elections, sex rings and deep thoughts in hospital rooms, the final issue of San Hannibal ends with a LOT of bangs! I've never read a comic book so fast in my life!
You might not believe it when you read it.
Throughout the series, I've said that the colors and art tell just as much of the story as the writing, and in the final issue, we are given an array of colors to dazzle the eyes. The writing and art are simplistic, but Jesse Snavlin's colors are anything but! They are as bright and enjoyable as the many layers Dan Schkade wrote into this miniseries. I see big things ahead in both of their respective careers!
Like I've said before, I would still prefer more narration from Ira in the book, and I think that in this final issue, that would've done well in summing up the story, but don't get me wrong: the ending was excellent and I will be rereading this over again soon!
A great comic choice if you're new to the comic book fandom and don't think superheroes are your cup of tea. And if you like mysteries, you'll gobble this up. Finally, if you just like a great story and great art, please buy this miniseries. You won't regret it!

5/5--one if today's best in the industry!

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