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AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Richard M. Knittle Jr

1. When/why did you decide to become a writer?

Well 9 months ago my Son Ryder was taken by his birth mother, I let her into my home after she had been living on the streets of Fort Worth, I bailed her out of jail for theft from her own parents.. She took him one day to use him as a peace offering to her parents... I hit Epic Addiction Proportions and had a mental breakdown, The Battle Lost: Ryder's Birth was from when he was born till I invited her to my home, The Battle Lost Friendships Lost is from where book leaves off... That writing was healing for me, I never even imagined that today I am full Fledged and Popular Writer. Let me say this this Ride that has just begun gives me a High better than any drug can imagine!

2. What authors inspired you when you were younger? What books do you enjoy reading today?

I was reading at a college level in 4th Grade I read EVERYTHING I could, J.R.R. Tolkien of course, Mack Maloney of the Wingman Series is awesome.

3. What was the inspiration behind your epic poem The Battle Lost: Ryder's Birth?

My son Ryder of course is a special little boy.. I believe he was born to do do much good.. His smile is magic..I love you Ryder..

4. What can we expect from your next poetry collection?

Next is if you can believe Darker and haunting.. a little secrete I wrote the last verse 6 months ago.. It all came true!

5. Why did you decide to write about your reality?

I am not sure I been told that I have a gift, in fact here I have poem that explains better..

This is called "Hope"


I was sitting alone in the park one day at lunch and I sat on the same bench where Ryder and I used to play we would sing our song and laugh and play while letting the world go by, those were bright and sunny days of just him and I. Then as I looked up it hit me I was staring right at the tree where I carved out our initials for everyone to see, so I got up and I looked but with all the tears that were now falling it was hard to see then I found it I love Ryder and Ryder loves me. All of sudden a terrible pain began in my chest and I fell hard to the ground it hit me so hard that it knocked me to my knees. I looked around and saw that everyone was watching so I threw my fist up into the air and I lifted my head up to God and I screamed as loud as I could why me? Why would you bring him into my life knowing how much I would care? I gave that little boy everything I had left to give in my heart, in my soul, all my strength that had left don’t you understand he was my reason I am still here my will to live.. I hate you God that wasn't fair at all and now I live with all of these memories that play over and over they are stuck in my head and not like I am in a dream, but now my life is nothing but a living nightmare. I look around with nothing but a blank stare I hear his little voice and I call out to nothing there. Then in a whisper I am sorry God I didn't mean what I said I am finished here I just wish you would take me now because I would rather be dead. I hurt so bad every single day from a heart that's broken and it will never heal and a soul that is dying and can no longer feel.. He is my son no matter what they do he is my little man my little bundle of joy and I miss him so very bad. I am tired of hurting from all this sorrow and regret and feeling so damn lonely and sad and I looked down and I cried. Then I remembered that he once had a son, I felt a hand as he placed it on my head then I felt him as my heart filled with so much love he wanted me to know he was listening from his home high above. He lost his one and only son to pay for all our sins. I smiled and I opened up my heart and I let him back in. I still hurt and I still cry for my son everyday but now I know our lord that is in heaven above is watching and he will let me see Ryder one day because it is fate either here on earth or high above at heaven’s gate and that is what I now Pray every night before I go to sleep... in his name


6. What role has addiction taken in your life and what encouraging words do you have for those suffering from it now?

Addiction .. I know it can be beat I walked away from it never looking back, Now I write about it.. Your Heart, Your Mind, Your Creator are all you need to outcast that evil Traitor in fact it is the first verse of the next book.

Preview alert.....

Heart Mind Creator

Your Heart Your Mind and Your Creator
are what you need to outcast, the evil traitor.
Addiction, the evil of darkness unknown
infects your family and will find you alone.
It feeds from your anger, your pain, and your sins
that opens a door that invites it right in.
It changes the way you look at creation
and sets you up to live eternal damnation.
The darkness cares not, if your woman or man
as it spreads its evil throughout this great land.
Turning the rich in to beggars, paupers and thieves
while children become orphans our creator grieves.
He sits high above watching down in disgust
as his creations want nothing more
than money, drugs, and lust
Addiction, the evil of darkness unknown
doesn’t care if you’re poor or a king on a throne.
The darkness it spreads and continues without a fight
while we wait on a hero to help bring the light
that hero is here and is being trained as a fighter
that little boy is strong and his name is Ryder!

I say I understand your pain.. I know you will understand this...

Alone in your darkness with many people around
your demons will find you when you want to be found
it is the comfort they offer while your chaos exist
a persuasive proposal one not so hard to resist
creating a crises of conscience as it fights for your soul
it wreaks havoc in your life while it battles you for control
confusion of your emotions never peace in your head
causing reactions in thoughts that you’re better off dead
the choices you choose are out of desperation and despair
now drowning in guilt you find yourself gasping for air
bringing nothing but destruction with both families and alone
this is mankind’s greatest threat that it has ever known
it spreads like no other through cities and small towns
its name is called addiction and it infects with no cure found
the young and rich even old or poor it doesn’t care who
opens that door it only brings sorrow and heartbreak
and death evermore you can try to outrun it even hide
while you can for it infects every inch of our great land.
your family and neighbors even all of your friends can't
hide from addiction it feeds from our loneliness this evil
must end I know because it had me and my friends like Amy, DeAnna,
Stormie and Blue and many others that we all knew it changes
our thinking while destroying our souls all because we wanted to forget our own lives while we rolled and passed the bowl!

-Richard M Knittle Jr.

7. Would you ever consider writing fiction?

Yes I would, in fact. The Battle Lost goes fictional in book 3.. I just happen to have a preview :)

“He is coming let evil know that they are finished with no place to go”

“I refuse to fail or to give up and I will see my son again. I will not fall or lose my faith because I now lead Gods troops into battle for him. I hear him as he cries out for me he now sees me in his dreams our bond we have it never broke or so it seems.” A father, A solider, and A friend to all, not blood nor distance will keep them apart not even the Mother of Thrall, I have been through hell and beyond and death bygone they should know by now.. They will never break this bond or love of this Father and his Son…

The Man!

I used to be happy once with Ryder but now I'm as sad as I can be
I led my troops through battle and conquered evil as for as you can see
The demons that once roamed this land and over hill and dale
Tried to destroy me and tear us apart and they ended all to an epic fail
My lord and father who art into heaven and hallow be thy name
I know this world that was born to me is dying and going insane
Destroying people by the millions addiction now rules throughout this land
It joins with the Evil Dark Family in Emory as it waits to battle Ryder and The Man
Ryder has grown fast while away from The Man he is sad and feels empty inside
He feels like something is missing from him and the Evil Dark Family has something to hide
At night he dreams about this man who searches for him all throughout the land
He is angry and yet sad as he kills the demons and the darkness with just his bare hands
This man is myth, just a made up tale, his mother says this man he never existed
But Ryder knows that she lies and all that crystal she smokes has made her very twisted
Trading herself for poppy seeds with everyone she comes around
for days and weeks she disappears and hardly to be found
the last few nights when he closed his eyes a vision of this man would start
he could feel each and every emotion from this man in his soul and in his heart
he thought I need to find this man I know he must be real for these emotions that I am feeling are know these are for real

9. What would you be doing if you weren't writing?

IT I've been working with computers over 30 years and enjoy it, and probably haunting someones dreams..
Poets are dreamers right?... We think with our hearts and listen to ours souls. Especially for the ones that touched both.-Richard M Knittle Jr.

10. If you were to write fiction, what authors, dead or alive, would you like to collaborate with?

Wow.. Any Poet from 1600's down lol. I would love to actually work with J.R.R. Tolkien or even Hugh Hefner.. :)

11. Thank you for participating in the interview. Can you please leave the readers with three things that may surprise them about you?

Number 1 would be, you know how you have that one friend that makes everything sexual.. :)
2. would be that I had 5 Bypasses at 41, 5 percent blood flow and no damage to my heart..
3. I want a monkey.. Really I do!

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