Saturday, January 17, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: "The Battle Lost: Ryder's Birth" by Richard M. Knittle Jr

An Epic Poetry Adventure that takes you on a emotional journey into one mans epic battle against the evil's of addiction and the search and fight for his son Ryder whom is not of his blood.

The Battle Lost by Richard M. Knittle Jr is a short epic poem that could be taken, in my opinion, as a literal or metaphorical read. It is meant to be taken metaphorically: demons and battles represent addiction and custody. But what I loved was that you could detach yourself from those themes if you wanted and read it from a slightly more fictional standpoint.
But it truly is a sad, loving letter really, from a father to a son. It's dark, it's heartbreaking and it's also very entertaining. It might not even take you a half hour top read, but it's words will stay with you long after the book ends.
I've always said that I don't like to criticize poetry, because it's a piece of the soul laid bare on paper for all to peruse. It shouldn't be criticized, yet it's my job to do just that. I would have liked to have read this without rhymes, just to see what the difference night actually be (if there is any).
The art that accompanies the poem is eerie, and somehow very fitting. It was a stark, cold contrast to the heated, emotional words. A wonderful medley.


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