Thursday, June 25, 2015

BOOK REVIEW: "Love Sucks Anthology" from Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing

ImageFall into a world full of passion, romance, first dates, and first kisses, but be prepared, love doesn’t always end well. This world is filled with all kinds of paranormal creatures. Vampires, weredogs, ghosts, and even a mummy take to the pages. Amusing stories filled with love gone sideways. This collection contains eighteen stories and poems written by a talented bunch of authors. They bring to life magical adventures. 
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NOTE: Yes, my story "Undead Ever After" is in this anthology, under my nom de plume Lily Luchesi! No, I am NOT reviewing my own story. I read this book at my own leisure, enjoying every story except for my own! So I wrote this as any reader would, with no attachment to any of these stories. And yes, I did buy my own ebook copy!


Love is a difficult thing normally. Cheating, lies, breakups, the list of things that could go wrong go on and on. Now, add in paranormal creatures, like ghosts, vampires and zombies. Now how bad could love get?
This book is a mix of stories that will make you gasp, cry and laugh. Each story is a little different than the one before, each showcasing the individual author's talents.
This showcases not just the best of Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly, but there are quite a few first time authors in here as well, provcing that the publishing industry is not dead and that there are many wonderful authors out there you have not met yet.
I love anthologies for that reason, you can easily meet your next favorite author.
I can't sit and describe each story individually without giving away spoilers, but I can say that they were all fun to read. Did I like some better than others? Yes. Were any of them bad? Hell no! I met killer vampires, remorseful ghosts, and insane zombies, among many more creatures.
This is just a lot of fun, plain and simple. There's nothing to analyze, dissect or think about. Just have fun reading about love gone horribly wrong!

5/5--the perfect book for the romantic paranormalist!

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