Tuesday, September 29, 2015

BLOG TOUR: "Taking On Water" by David Rawding

Taking on Water 
By David Rawding 
Genre: Mystery, Thriller 

When James Morrow, a social worker, first meets Kevin Flynn, he suspects the teen is being abused. To learn more about Kevin’s home life, he gets to know the boy’s father, Tucker, who’s a lobsterman. James is able to put his suspicions to rest, and the two families begin to form a friendship.   

When a kid at the local recreation center dies of an overdose, Detective Maya Morrow adds the case to the long list related to the drug problem plaguing the small New Hampshire coastal town of Newborough. But her investigation gets her much too close to the dangerous players.  

Both the Morrows and the Flynns are holding dark secrets, and when their lives collide, tragedy is inevitable.   

Author Bio 

David Rawding has a BA in English from the University of New Hampshire and an MFA in fiction from Southern New Hampshire University. He has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize, and his short stories have been published in numerous literary journals and magazines.   

David spent three years as a fly-fishing guide in Alaska, worked several years at a non-profit for at-risk youth, was an online adjunct professor, and has a litany of other jobs in his wake. When he’s not writing, he enjoys traveling the world with a backpack and a fly rod. 

Follow David online 
Website: www.davidrawding.com 


A harrowing tale of abuse and addiction, told in a beautiful way that will touch your heart. This book was very emotional, very driven. I found it less of a thriller and more of a mystery, though this mystery was a bit easy (for me) to figure out. Others will probably be very surprised at the dark secrets carried by the two main characters.
Maya and James are two different people who compliment each other perfectly. I liked her a bit more than I liked him. She was driven, serious, and a very good female lead. James also had a few good points, his relatability being first. You felt as if you knew him, were his friend. I love reading books where the characters are familiar. It gives the whole experience a more personal feeling.
You can't discount the teens, especially Kevin. His storyline is centrifugal to this plot, and it was his presence that really kept me reading.
This is definitely a page-turner, and I had a lot of fun reading it. I think that if I hadn't predicted the ending, I would have enjoyed it more, but this is a great book. Mr. Rawding has some real talent, and I can't wait to see what he comes up with next!

4/5--a non-stop page turner!

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