Monday, February 22, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: "Captain Rum: A Wondrous Adventure" by John Perrier

Captain Rum is a fascinating historical journal that records one of the most unique sea voyages ever undertaken. 
In 1821, Fintan McAdam - a.k.a. Captain Rum- sailed solo across the oceans. During his journey he made incredible discoveries that still fascinate historians, geologists and biologists to this day. 
McAdam’s journey was turbulent before he even departed as his unfortunate past envelops him. After finally setting sail, he encountered many problems and situations that arose not just from Mother Ocean, but also from demons within his own mind. In his final journal entries, McAdam confronts not only his greatest real-life fear, but his deepest, most painful memories as well. 
This amazing story was edited by semi-retired Oxford Professor H. D. Lampluck, who stumbled across the dusty, abandoned journal on a long-forgotten shelf in a university library. His well-researched preface and footnotes add extra detail and charm to the tale. 
Captain Rum, as told in McAdam’s own words, is a tale of discovery, despair and delight. It will keep you enthralled through many a stormy night.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I must warn readers, do not be fooled by Mr. Perrier's Amazon page, which shows that he also writes nonfiction help books. I will be blunt: when I saw that in his query to me, I considered turning him down. I am so glad that I did not! Captain Rum is a fun adventure story, written in true early 19th century dialogue. The first thing you can tell is that the author took great pains to be historically accurate, which I appreciate.
The story is written in diary format, similar to Dracula and other books set in that time period, and you really feel as though you are there in the thick of it with the captain during his adventures.
I was entertained from page one, and I think that this is a great adventure read for adults. A lot of fun and an added bonus is all the historical facts in the footnotes.

5/5--an entertaining read.

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