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BOOK SPOTLIGHT: "Valentine Pets & Kisses"

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Nothing is more heart-warming than kisses from the pet who adores you and the man who loves you, so snuggle up with VALENTINE PETS & KISSES — an anthology of fourteen sweet romances from USA Today bestselling and award-winning authors — and strike the perfect mood for moonlit walks and candlelight dinners with your pet and sweetheart.

Check out descriptions and excerpts from two of the stories featured in the anthology!

The Vet's Valentine Gift - J.L. Campbell

Matthias Laing has snagged the woman of his dreams, but his job as a vet keeps getting him into trouble. The situation is past complicated because of the growing assortment of animals in Toni's house and to top it all, the conflict between Matthias and her ex-husband. Can Matthias and Toni's budding romance survive their challenges and if it doesn't, will Jade, her precocious five-year-old find a way to play Cupid and fix things by Valentine's Day?


I poured a glass of coconut water and went back to the living room, conscious of how awkward I felt after yesterday's argument with Matthias. It had probably been a mistake to call him, but Jade hadn't given me a choice and would have found a way to contact him herself if I hadn't. Squaring my shoulders, I entered the living room. 

Jade still had the kitten in her lap and was talking to Ridley. 

" … treat him nice, okay boy?" 

Ridley's head was tipped to one side as if he understood what she was saying. 

When she patted him on the forehead, I was sure he smiled, which forced me to bite my lip. 

Every time he did that thing that looked like a smile, I gave thanks for my daughter. She was the only person I knew who got that reaction from both people and animals. 

Matthias was sitting on the sofa, and I put the glass into his hand and sat adjacent to him. "So, the cat will be all right?" 

"Yeah, from what Jade told me, Ridley was just playing with him." He drank from the glass and then put it on the table. "He could easily have done him more harm." 

"How old is it anyway?" 

"Around three or four weeks old." 

"I'm glad I won't have to explain to anybody that our dog killed their cat." 

"Just like you nearly killed Ridley," Jade said. 

When I rolled my eyes, Matthias laughed and I didn't bother to correct Jade. Instead, I said, "It's a good thing we stopped and checked him out. Otherwise, you wouldn't have a pet." 

"And now we might have another one," she said. 
I shot a desperate look at Matthias, who only smiled and picked up the glass for another sip. 

Her Perfect Catch - K.L. Brady

Nerdy, struggling sports writer Melanie Vincent needs a miracle when her dream of running a nationally recognized blog hits a snag due to low readership. After Mel is gifted a pair of Super Bowl tickets for years of faithful dog sitting, she has a chance encounter with her favorite football player that leads to the inside scoop on the biggest story of her career...and maybe the love of a lifetime.


The lobby was no less elegant than the hotel's exterior, draped in luxurious natural-colored decor with reddish accents, Italian marble, and ornate European-styled furniture placed in cozy, conversational arrangements. The desk attendant, an older gray-haired lady with a southerntwang, shifted her eyes between them. 

"Well, don’t you two make the cutest couple?" 

"We do, don’t we?" Dylan said, wrapping his arm around Mel's shoulder, grinning as if he won the lottery. 

With one eyebrow up, Mel glanced at his hand and then brushed it off. "Uh, no, no.

We're best friends." 

"Oh, I get it. Friends with benefits." She winked. 

"No, no. Just buddies." 
"Well, if he's not with you"—she reached between her ample bosom and pulled out a 
business card—“he can give me a call. I get off in an hour." 

Uh, ma'am, we'd just like to check in, please. Any additional rooms available?" 

She pursed her lips and gave Mel every bit of her attitude. "Afraid not. We're all booked up until Monday. Super Bowl." 

Mel handed the woman her credit card, waited for her to process it for incidentals and hand her the keycards. “Room 315. Up the elevator to the third floor; your room is on the left at the end of the hall.” As Mel dragged her suitcase and Mack toward the elevator, his carrier handle started to cut into her finger so she swapped bags with Dylan. Then they pressed ahead through the pristine, marble lobby to catch a ride to their room. 

Author Bios

J.L. Campbell is an award-winning author who writes sweet romance, romantic suspense, women's fiction, new and young adult novels. 

K.L. Brady is a multi-award-winning author of sweet and sexy romantic comedies, young adult romance, and a spy thriller series based on her career in U.S. intelligence.   

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