Tuesday, February 16, 2016

RELEASE DAY BLAST + REVIEW: "Wild Aces" by Marni Mann

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Wild Aces Synopsis
Trapper Montgomery 
His darkness drew me in. 
A mystery with a past I wanted to solve. 
He was cold, like ice, but set me on fire. 
A heat I hadn't felt in ages. 
But when I saw his face, I burned... 
In mourning

Brea Bradley 
She melted from my voice--shuddered from my touch. 
But trembled from the memories 
That my face brought back. 
She wanted more... 
Maybe even him. 
I wasn't the hand she counted on. 
But I was what she was dealt...

A Wild Ace with no way to win.


After finishing Mrs. Mann's Unblocked serial, I was really intrigued by the secondary character Brea. She was feisty, and very different from Unblocked's female lead. I wanted to know more about her, and lo and behold, here is her very own novel!
Brea is a great lead, a character who is a lot deeper than you might take her for. She's experienced a great loss, a loss many can relate to. You care for her and want her to be happy right from the start, and she is the best thing about this book.
Trapper is another character you feel for. Having been terribly abused as a child, he grew up to be a professional gambler and unprofessional panty-wetter. There is a mystery surrounding him, one that seems quite ominous. He's sexy, but is he a good man?
This is more than just sex. The sexual portions of the book are mind-blowing. I've read a lot of erotica this past year, and these are some of the most sordid scenes I have come across. There is more than physical sensation written here, it is deeply emotional as well.
No matter how much of a fan I am of someone, I receive every new book with a hint of skepticism, trying not to get my hopes up. There was no reason for that here. Mrs. Mann did a great job with this book, and I recommend it to every erotica fan out there.

5/5--excellent and HOT!

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