Sunday, February 28, 2016

SPOTLIHGT: "Krim Du Shaw" by Talia Haven

Krim was just a colt when the stallions of the Du Shaw herd led him and the mares to the stone building with its tall walls and heavy wooden door. The mares knew what the stallions yearned for, and they knew what would happen if the stallions gave in. But for Krim, it would be much later before he would discover for himself what lies beyond the stone wall.

Krim’s mind was foggy from his passion-induced haze when he heard the final panicked whinny from the filly to her mother.  Somewhere in the woods, a mare whinnied back.  Her repeated anguished cries went unanswered and caused the village dogs to begin barking at all the commotion.  Worried that he might miss some activity in the dark community, Krim turned his attention away from any thoughts he had of chasing off the wolves.  After all, the little filly was dead there was nothing he could do.

 A scavenging dog did his part the next day when he found the bloody white head of the filly.  Dragging it home, he settled himself in the shade to enjoy his feast. However, the young boys of the village made sure he didn't enjoy his meal.

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