Monday, May 15, 2017

BOOK SPOTLIGHT + REVIEW: "Crimson Fire" by Mirren Hogan

Crimson Fire

She had power at her fingertips, but the world had other ideas.

Magic was the last thing on Tabia's mind — until she discovered she could use it. When her father hands her over to the princess of a neighbouring country to pay his debts, she may have the chance to learn how to control her new abilities.
But her new mistress' enemies have plans of their own. Caught up in a web of divided loyalties, coercion and betrayal, Tabia can trust no one.

Can she find a way to regain her freedom and return home  — or will the struggle cost her the ultimate price?

Crimson Fire is the first book in a fantasy series by Mirren Hogan.

Feel the fire.

"a brilliant page-turner of an opening volume to her series"

"keeps you engaged throughout the story and leaves you wanting more"

"I love tales of magic, and this did not disappoint."

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This was my first book by Ms. Hogan, and I must admit I was impressed. I had forgotten that the central romance (and catalyst for much of the main character's, Tabia, driving force) is between two women till I got into it. As a member of the LGBT+ community, I want to thank the author for writing a lesbian relationship with no fanfare, no big announcement, but instead writing them as if it was as common to find in high fantasy as a heterosexual one. It shows how inclusive indie publishing is becoming and I LOVE it.
For the story, you get to like Tabia right away and want her to succeed in her plight. She's a strong young woman, a character I'd love to get to know in real life. The fictional settings have a realistic feel to them, especially certain situations I won't elaborate on here lest I lead into a spoiler. It's fantastical, certainly as the genre suggests, but it's so real it can be painful at time. Especially the body count that gets racked up.
This isn't my usual genre, but I am so glad I actually won a copy of this bookbecause it was truly a joy to read.

5/5--sweet, dark, and compelling.

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