Thursday, August 10, 2017

BOOK REVIEW: "Archangel Errant" by Elizabeth Corrigan

Divine intervention isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Gabriel didn’t expect his return to Heaven to be filled with trumpets and celebration, but he thought he would do more than sit at Michael’s side, listening to endless catalogs of unfulfilled prayers. He’s tried blending into every aspect of Heavenly life, but he can’t help but feel that the constantly praying Faithful and flower-dispensing Handmaidens lack the motivation to do any true good in the world. Some days, he longs for nothing more than to return to Earth and tell his beloved Cassia how he feels about her.
When Heaven is suddenly attacked, all the angels become trapped in their own nightmares. With Michael gone on an angelic mission, Gabriel must rally the remaining seraphim to rouse the sleeping angels and discover who seeks to take the agents of Heaven out of the celestial battle. All fingers point to Bedlam, but Gabriel can’t believe the ex-demon would threaten his salvation so soon after gaining it.
With few people he trusts, Gabriel must rely on all the lessons he learned on Earth to save Heaven, Bedlam, and maybe even himself.

I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Ah, it feels like I've waited SO LONG for this book! Those of you who followed my reviews for the past few years know how I loved Corrigan's books, but after book two there seemed to be no more forthcoming, and I would have hated for the story to have stopped there. Well, my wishes were answered. I was excited to receive this book and see what was happening to the embattled Cassia, the reluctant Gabriel, and of course my beloved, now-angelic Bedlam.
This book didn't disappoint; it very nearly exceeded my expectations.
Surprisingly, the most interesting of the multiple POVs in this book was Michael, the archangel. Corrigan's version of the infamous angel is riddled with anxiety and superstitions, humanizing him. In most fiction, he always seems so perfect, so seeing him with all his flaws laid out on the table was interesting. I still wanted to slap him a few times, but there's no doubt that his POVs enriched the stories.
We also get POVs from the other three aforementioned main characters, giving us a deeper insight to the story. Gabriel's POVs are always emotional, nearly fraught with apprehension. He wants to do good, but somehow can't seem to stop himself from breaking Cassia's heart and, in addition, his own.
Bedlam is my absolute favorite character, with the most unique voice and a flair for the dramatic. Inside his head is always a wild ride.
We also see a lot more of the angel Siren, who intrigued me in the previous book, and we see many of the demons we met in the previous books as well, such as Lethe and Beelzebub, just to name two. I wouldn't recommend picking up the series with this book, start with book one (Oracle of Philadelphia). You won't regret it.
If you don't like alternating POVs, you won't like this book, but if you don't at least give it a try, you won't know what you're missing.
The storyline delves into much of Christianity's history, as well as even some pre-Christian beliefs. It's entertaining, intriguing, and engrossing. I read it in two hours, speed-reading on my Kindle app because I had to know what was coming next.
A truly excellent book, and a great addition to one of my favorite series.

5/5--As close to perfection as you can get!

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