Friday, August 4, 2017

MUSIC REVIEW: "Boxes" by Matt Lande

All In Your Sleep
Come Back Again
I've Come To Start A Fire
Red and Grey
The Strangest Thing
You Can't Love Me
You Turn Me On

Matt Lande's latest release is, as always, a treat for the ears. The album's lead single, "Underground", is slightly techy, a little spacey as it begins and picks up right away as a rock tune that's perfect to dance to. 
"You Can't Love Me" is emotional, with Lande discussing feelings of inadequacy and thoughts of a past romance.
"Red and Grey" is an extremely visual song, one that I really hope a music video is made for. It's fast paced, romantic, and somehow just a little dark, as though I could see it in the trailer for a dark romance film. It is, by and far, my favorite on the album.
"The Strangest Thing" reminds me of a perfect song to have a contemporary waltz to. Strange to say about a rock song, but it does. I love the lyrics and the guitars on this are exceptional. As a guitar lover, I could listen to this as an instrumental were one to ever be released.
"I've Come To Start A Fire" starts with Lande's voice nearly unaccompanied in low tones, perfect to be listened to with your headphones on, especially as it goes into the powerful verse and chorus. His melodies on this one are near perfect, his voice cresting over the music like ocean waves.
"You Turn Me On" might be the best romantic song of 2017, possibly of the decade. Love is pain and love is crazy but it's perfect, just like this song. If it's possible to fall in love with a song, I think I just did. Gentlemen, take notice: THIS is how to woo a lady. Just play her this song.
"All In Your Sleep" is pure, unadulterated indie rock at its best. If I had to pick a song to be a "radio hit", it would be this one.
The title track, "Boxes", has a very stripped down tone with breathy vocals that makes me feel like it was recorded at once, music and lyrics. It has a nostalgic feel, and the lyrics are ones I can relate to the most.
"Come Back Again" is a drum-driven track about teenage life, and it is THE perfect summer song. I can see it being played in old-fashioned boom boxes under the stars as teens sneak out at night to dance together.
"Gun" is the heaviest song on the record, almost reminding me of old (2004) The Academy Is...
The thing I love about Lande is how, when you play his music, he always sounds as if he's giving you a personal serenade through your earbuds. Like nothing in the world exists except for you and this music in this moment. His voice wraps itself around your mind and entraps your senses like a siren. You can feel his emotion as he sings and plays, and you're drawn deep into this world that the album created.
Boxes has a little bit of everything for every listener, especially fans of Coldplay, Darren Hayes, and even a little Death Cab For Cutie.
If you haven't discovered Matt Lande yet, this is the perfect album to start with. I'll stop typing now and let you get on with discovering this beautiful, deep album for yourself.

5/5--pure, brilliant beauty!

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