Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Foster An Author 3: Darlene Tallman

Brody Johnson came home after leaving the military and bought the local truck stop/diner/motel.
Hard at work with renovations and growing the business, he didn’t realize just how lonely he truly was until she walked in and stole his breath.
Jaycie Jenkins nearly lost her life to a crazy ex. Now, she’s content to raise her little boy and
drive a tractor-trailer for her “family’s” transport business. She never realized how much her life was going to change when she stopped in at a favorite diner on the way home.
She lit up his life…and now she’s his world. Only, she doesn’t realize it and he’s not sure if she will agree. Come and meet Brody and Jaycie and her little boy, Nicky, and find out if love will win out and he will get her to agree to be His Firefly.

Marleigh Cross is a free-spirited independent woman about to marry her college sweetheart. When she finds him in a
compromising position with her best friend, she leaves but not before cleaning his accounts out of the monies she has spent on the wedding. Unsure of where she's going, she drives off with a car loaded down with her stuff including her beloved cats, Harry and Nabisco.
After Zeus Alvarez divorced his wife for her indiscretions, he focused on his family and his business. Working the late shift one night, he never expected to find someone like Marleigh broken down on the side of the road. He can't understand the
pull he feels toward her but decides to see what happens.
As they form a friendship amidst the meddling of his mom, she realizes she may not be enough. Will Marleigh's secrets tear them apart? Has he found his forever only to lose her?

Clarissa Harrison had it all – loving family, devoted fiancĂ©, and finally, her college degree. Until
one night on the interstate took it all away, leaving her scarred and alone.
Kingston Royale was the EMT who helped her that night and what he saw made him change
professions, always wondering what happened to the girl he called Rissy.
Princeton Royale, his fraternal twin, has heard of this woman over the years but when he walks
into Royal Tattoos and finds her there, he knows that somehow, they need to make her a part of their
As the three navigate a unique MFM relationship which both men grew up in and have always
wanted for themselves, obstacles are faced and overcome. Will the love they share be enough when
tragedy strikes?
**This is an MFM book and intended for mature audiences ages 18+**

The night that Mallory Grissom and Brandon Graves’ lives intersected ended with one in jail and the other in the hospital critically injured. One became a resident of the state and the other went to a rehabf acility to heal.
Kai Fischer and Austin Markey are lifelong friends who know what they want – one woman to share their lives together. The day that Mallory was rolled into Sylvan Grove, they knew they had found her.
With healing comes forgiveness – or does it? Can Mallory forgive the man who nearly killed her?
Or will she hold onto that hurt and anger. Will Brandon learn from his past mistakes so that when he gets out of prison, he can start again or will he be forever bound in his addiction?

**This is an MFM contemporary romance and may not be suitable for anyone younger than 18**

When Frank Jameson heeded the call on his life to relocate to an impoverished area, he never expected to find the love of his life. With the help of his MC Brothers, their old ladies and kids, will he make Dorrie realize that she's the one for him?

Chessie was forced to grow up fast - pregnant at 18 and kicked out of her family's home, her best friends' parents make her part of their family. Determined to make it on her own, she is going to college, and focusing on her little girl, Jade.

Until he walks into the family diner and turns her world upside down.
Mack Corrigan served with her ex and saw pictures of the captivating woman, as well as his little girl. When his aunt dies and he inherits her home, he finds himself living in the same town as Chessie.
Welcome to Jenkinsburg - where the coffee is always hot at the diner and there's a bit of Christmas magic in the air.

Angelina Jones found herself on the streets after she aged out of the foster care system. Starving and nearing the end of her rope, her life changed the day she met two members from the Heaven’s Sinners MC, Dex and Laser. She eventually became an old lady and settled into her new life. But six years later, tragedy struck and she found herself alone and pregnant.

Zeke Morgan is the President of Heaven’s Sinners MC North Georgia chapter. A single dad to a teenage boy, he allows Angelina to relocate from the South Georgia chapter to his as he is in desperate need of a new accountant. 
New friendships are made and one man shows one woman what love really means when he becomes her kinsman-redeemer.

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