Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Halloween Horror Month Spotlight/Excerpt: A. Giacomi

Excerpt from Zombie Girl (Book 1 of The Zombie Girl Saga) 

“Eve you just had a little accident. You will be fixed up in no time, good as new.” 
I don’t like being treated like a mental patient, so the smiling doctor makes me angrier rather than calmer. I don’t want to be told to calm down; I just want to know what’s going on.  
I pick up a nearby syringe and hold it up.  
“What’s wrong with my arm? I feel strange. What did you give me?”  
I don’t know why I’m acting so paranoid and violent, but it just seems to come naturally at this particular moment. Where was Cam? Or Alex? Or any familiar face?  
Time stands still for a moment and I try to remember the last thing I had done, or seen, or heard, but nothing was coming to me. This memory lapse made me feel ill. I drop the syringe and bring my hands to my head, grabbing it forcefully, almost as if I was trying to squeeze a memory out. 
Out of the corner of my eye I see the Doctor signal something to the nurse. The nurse gathers her courage and comes over to me; she pats me on the shoulder.  
“There, there, dear, not to worry, I will have you all stitched up and you’ll be good as new. Just like the doctor said.”  
I stifle back some tears, and once again ask “what happened?”  
She glances up from the wound and whispers, “We’re hoping that you can tell us that soon.”  

A.Giacomi is a writer, artist, and educator from Toronto, Canada. She is the mother of two tiny humans who inspire her to create weird and wonderful works that are both giggle worthy, bizarre, and unique. When she’s not hanging out with her family she can be found slapping paint around or typing at light speed on her laptop (That is when the rest of the house is napping or sleeping). 
A.Giacomi is the author of The Zombie Girl Saga published by CHBB Publishing. She is currently working on a poetry book, a children’s book series, a YA series, and short stories whenever ideas pop into her head. She is deeply influenced by her fangirl tendencies and loves to throw lots of pop culture into whatever she creates. Ask her about anything TIM BURTON or MARVEL related and she’ll love you forever. 

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