Monday, April 21, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Silver Bullet" by SM Reine


In Silver Bullet, the second novel by SM Reine starring the sexy witch Cesar Hawke and the OPA, we find him and his coworkers getting over the aftermath we read about in Witch Hunt.

Isobel Stonecrow, the necromancer, is back, as is Suzy Takeuchi and the director Fritz Friederling, as they go to Reno, Nevada, to investigate strange paranormal activity.
While there, Cesar discovers that there are worse things than incubi: there are nightmares, werewolves and diamarachninds, giant demonic spiders. (Warning: this book will get uncomfortable if you have arachnaphobia!)
Cults, zombies and new kopides also abound in this book, which is also stocked with action, emotion, and information on the paranormal.

While not as good as her previous Cesar Hawke adventure, this book doesn't disappoint! I liked Ann, the slightly psychotic teen who can control zombies, the best, but these characters, more than any of Ms. Reine's others, feel the most real to me as I watch their lives unfold on the page.
As always, great work! Fans of the paranormal will eat this one up!


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