Saturday, April 19, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Siren's Call" by Jessica Cage


Syrinada is a normal Chicago girl, if a little alluring to men. But one night she's jumped by a group of unsavory men and taken array to be respected and possibly killed. She escapes when one man's head seemingly combusts on its own. After that, everything changes.
Sy is a half Siren, half Warlock and her friend/crush, Malachi, is a Merman. He and his brother, Demetrius, have always been watching over her.
Now that she's awakened, Syrinada must learn to control herself before the covens catch sight of her and kill her like they killed her mother.
But a devious plan is being fulfilled. Can Syrinada stay alive long enough to enjoy her new powers? Or will she kill someone before any of that happens?

Jessica Cage wrote a really great book featuring creatures we don't see nearly enough in paranormal fiction. Sirens are sexual creatures and this book has no shortage of erotic content!
At least once per chapter someone is doing it with someone else!
But to counteract all the sex, there is also a great deal of mystery, betrayal and danger.
This was a good book with sequel potential and I think that a lot of readers (fans of Charlaine Harris’s Southern Vampies series will probably gobble this book up, despite the lack of vampires) will read this over and over!

4/5--nice work!

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