Saturday, April 12, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Vincent Crow: Export" by D.C.J. Wardle


Vincent Crow: Export is the sequel to D.C.J. Wardle's comedy novel Trading Vincent Crow. Vincent decided to trade up his life every three months. New home, new squeeze, new everything.

In this sequel, the reader finds him going to Asia on a new business venture: opening a hotel with financial support from Jonathan Fairbanks, his American backer.
Of course, it  wouldn't be a comedy without a crabby girlfriend (Natalie, whose idea of "wilderness" is an outdoor mall) and an ornery old lady (Vincent's grandmother, to whom we are only introduced as Nan).
Including odd employees and the stress of opening a hotel in a third-world country, maybe Vincent's idea wasn't so great after all!

English humor is a bit different from what most Americans are used to. If you're thinking this will be like a book version of Anchorman, think again. This is a bit more like Are You Being Served? with a modern twist.
Look for the subtlety in the narrative, and appreciate it. I admit there are some things that fell a bit flat for me, but you have to remember: I am not a fan of comedy. So for me to say that I enjoyed this book is a fairly big deal!
But I did enjoy it, especially the odd Nan, and I think you will, too.

4/5--Good work!

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