Thursday, April 24, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Lost In Prophecy" by SM Reine


If you've read SM Reine's The Descent series, you're familiar with Elise and James, the kopis and aspis who were forced apart from Elise being reborn as a demon and ruling Hell, and James becoming a half-angel Gray.
If you read her Seasons Of The Moon series, you know about the werewolf pack led by Rylie, the Alpha and The Apple.
If you haven't read them, warning: THIS REVIEW INCLUDES SPOILERS!!!

Elise is trying to get human slaves out of Hell. Rylie is trying to keep her pack from falling prey to Levi Riese's lies as he tries to take them over. Elise is being betrayed by her so-called allies. Rylie is being betrayed by her son, Abram.
Elise needs to help Rylie when the pack has mysteriously vanished, but tge pack are only 50 out of three thousand missing people she is searching for and she can't do it alone--she needs her aspis, James.
Old friends and enemies return and Hell and New Eden are shaken up in the latest engrossing story from Ms. Reine.

Reading Elise's stories are like reuniting with an old friend. She's one of my favorite fictional characters. Lost In Prophecy (the latest in The Ascension series) is a tantalizing story with depth and a new plot twist every so often. The cliffhanger ending is the icing on this bloody and delicious cake!
So wonderful to read! If you are new to her stories, you might find yourself a little lost, but even then, you will love this book!


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