Thursday, April 10, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Nemesis: John Kane's Revenge" by Bill Carson


In the sequel to Necessary Evils, Bill Carson pens a short novel about one thing: vengeance.

After the death of two loved ones, John Kane vows to bring down Jimmy Costa's organized crime ring, but he isn't the only person bent of revenge.
Jimmy's brother Tony wad murdered and he is Hell-bent to find the killer...even if he has to shed a few gallons of blood himself to do it.
With paid mercenaries killing informants, heads being bashed in at a dinner table and false identities, Nemesis: John Kane's Revenge has the makings of a killer (pun intended) story.

Told in a voice as cold and calculating as the story's killers, readers are taken into an insular world filled with some of the most frightening SOBs you'll ever meet in a book and some of the nosy brutal murders.
I think my biggest criticism is that, in the very beginning, Edgar Allan Poe's name is spelled incorrectly.

It's a great and interesting story that has a lot going on in just 149 Kindle pages. It requires a good bit of concentration and the end result is worth shutting out the world for a little while.

4/5--good work!

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