Monday, April 7, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Oracle of Philadelphia" by Elizabeth Corrigan


I love all books. I'm not too big on nonfiction, but I'm a book-lover by nature. My two biggest loves are romance (like Charlotte Brontë and indie author Nadine Keels) and anything paranormal that ISN'T Twilight.
I just finished Elizabeth Corrigan's novel Oracle Of Philadelphia (Book One: Earthbound Angels). That is paranormal done right!

Khet/Cassia/Carrie (the three pseudonyms her friends know her by, as her real name is a secret) is the Oracle, a human made immortal thanks to Lucifer. She can read minds and has helped countless people in her eight-thousand years alive.
Her closest friends are the archangel Gabriel (with whom she is in love) and the demon Bedlam (AKA Azazel--fans of the TV show Supernatural will know him better as "Old Yellow Eyes"). Her greatest enemy is the archangel Michael, who hates her and banished her from Heaven were she to ever die.
She can't change deals humans have made with demons, but when Gabriel sends her a man with a truly pure heart, she is determined to try...even if it means going to Hell.

Oracle is one of the best books I've read lately. Angels and demons are a favorite theme of mine and rarely are they written so well. This book has fictionalized facts about every Bible story, from the Fall of Lucifer and the other angels, to Cain and Abel and a few others.
Angels fall in love, get scorned and try to get back into Heaven after they fall. Demons aren't all so bad and humans really can have good hearts in Ms. Corrigan's masterful work.
Perhaps hardcore Christians might not like the fictionalized versions of archangels, but I think that this is a book for all to enjoy. Mixed in with the supernatural elements, there are real, raw emotions there. Certain parts near the end made me a little misty.

For fans of Terri Garey, Darren Shan and TV's Supernatural. You won't want to put it down!


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