Thursday, April 3, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Last Stop (The Sighted Series #1)" by Jessica Cage



I'm always wary of every paranormal novel I'm given for review. I read the classics and love anything to do with ghosts, but I didn’t have anything to worry about with Jessica Cage's novella Last Stop.

Josephine Massey is a normal woman who loves photography. She hopes there is no afterlife and takes a train that hasa last stop in front of a bench rumored to be haunted.
When she finally meets the ghost, Edward, thanks toa wayward locket, normal life is turned upside down. She is one of the Sighted and very powerful. She can cross the planes from the living world as well as lead confused spirits to the afterlife.
But her unknown daddy is back from where her mother sent him...and her life is in danger.

This gets a "4" for one reason: it was too short! I wanted--craved--more! It was well written, suspenseful and, even in its unreal story, it felt real. The reader gets inside Josephine's head and heart; comes to know and understand her fear.
Add in a relationship with a ghost and demonic elements, this is a grade A read!


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