Saturday, April 12, 2014

RELEASE BLAST: "Siren's Call" by Jessica Cage

Here is an excerpt from Jessica Cage's upcoming novel Siren's Call, due out 4/20/14! I will be posting a review for it on 4/30/13!
Enjoy this little taste in promo photos and an exclusive excerpt!





“Sy, this is my brother Demetrius. He just got home from a business trip to Morocco.” Malachi spoke with an odd sense of pride as he made the introduction. Could he possibly be that proud of his brother? I shrugged the question aside and returned my focus to my breathing.

“Hello.” Demetrius spoke to me and I grabbed the back of the chair that was near me. I needed something to hold on to as I struggled to bring my mind back to a functioning level. I could hear his steps carrying him across the room, and feel the warmth of his body as he neared me. Eventually I would have to look up at him and voice a response, but it didn’t seem possible without attacking him. My ass was already sore from Malachi tossing me across the room. He warned me to keep my control around these supposed alpha males. I didn’t want another injury or possibly to die because I couldn’t keep it in my pants.

“Sy? Are you okay?” Malachi thankfully made it back to me before his brother had a chance to get too close and cause me to lose it.

“No, I’m not okay; I have got to get out of here.” I looked at him and that was all it took for him to understand. He started to usher me out of the room away from his brother. I vaguely remember him giving his brother an excuse, something about me feeling sick. I couldn’t worry about trying to hear what he said. All of my brainpower was directed at keeping my body from turning to Demetrius. I held my breath and moved as quickly as I could from the room. When we made it to the room with the door securing me away from the scent of Demetrius, I spoke again. “That was insane. I am so sorry.”

“No, don’t apologize. I should have known better.” Malachi spoke but his previous swagger was gone. He sounded disappointed and I wasn’t sure if his sudden display of disappointment was because of something I had done wrong. It didn’t seem like he was angry with me, I had seen that emotion and it wasn’t this calm.

“Is this how it’s going to be now? Any time I am near a man I will lose my shit?” I sat on the bed as I tried to catch my breath.

“No, but Demetrius is an alpha male like I am. I should have known his presence would affect you. I guess I didn’t consider the possibility that… and you are clearly in heat. I just thought-,” he trailed off and left the statement hanging in the air.

 “I’m in heat? What the hell does that mean?” He spoke about me as if I were an animal. Dogs go into heat, not people!

“Seriously, do you need an explanation? You have been jumping men left and right.” He snapped and I backed down. There really was something to that alpha shit.

“Okay, so what now, I’m not allowed to be around any other man but you? And you never considered the possibility of what?” I posed my questions as calmly as I could. Malachi was more than a bit edgy and to be honest, it frightened me, not that I would never admit that to him.

“No, well, I’m not exactly sure. Usually, when a female cries her Siren’s call during sex, it means she is bonded to her mate. You did that with me, and yet, you were still clearly affected by Demetrius. I assumed that you were the same, but maybe your mixed blood makes you different.” Malachi spoke but wouldn’t look at me. I could see his personal dilemma playing out on his face. He was questioning himself. The oddities in me plagued his mind. O was it the one inside of him. The one he had showed to me inside of my apartment. He lifted his hand to touch the necklace that hung against his chest. I could see the question on his face. Am I broken? Had his mother’s transgression deformed him in more ways than just his physical appearance? “Look, it doesn’t matter.” He opened the door. “Stay here, I will go and talk to my brother and try to figure this out.”

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