Monday, October 27, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "Shadow Burns" by SM Reine


Agent Cèsar Hawke and his partner Suzume Takeuchi are called upon to investigate a retirement village where everyone mysteriously dies due to an orderly making a deal with a demon.
When Cèsar is given an invitation to the wakes, which will be held at the same place where the deaths occurred, everyone tells him not to go, but he goes and brings along the death witch, Isobel Stonecrow.
Ghosts may nut exist, but the ghosts of Isobel's past are haunting her, and Cèsar is about to be dragged right into her tangled web of lies.

The stories SM Reine weaves are amazingly tantalizing, a treat to the imagination. I've been a fan since book one and she always manages to make the new book better than the last.
Shadow Burns made my mouth drop and my pulse race as I read it all in a fast five hours. Cèsar is a great character, and I actually like him more than I liked her other main witch, James Faulkner.
Suzy is, as always,  a kick-a** girl. Fritz, whom we are learning more about as the Preternatural Affairs series continues, is still a bit of a mystery, but very enjoyable. And What is.going to happen in this book will leave you speechless!
As always, another amazing story. I can't wait until all of you get to "meet" Hope Jimenez!

5/5--books this good should be a sin!

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