Monday, October 20, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "The Commons Book One: The Journeyman" by Michael Alan Peck


Paul Reid is essentially a street kid, drifting here and there and now on a real mission: to find out who his father is.
On the way from New York City to San Francisco, he meets war veteran Annie and her autistic son, Zach. While on the trip, the bus crashes and nearly everyone dies. Those who don't are killed on sight by strange men in black riot gear. Except for Paul, who is sent to The Commons, a place like Purgatory, where he goes on a Journey (accompanied by some unique folks from the real world and the fantasy realm) to see of he can stop a corporate bigwig from taking over The Commons and free the dead.

Michael Alan Peck is a name you NEED to remember! The Commons Book 1: The Journeyman isn't just a fun read, it is all-encompassing, drawing you into its world as easily as Stephen King can.
It's not so much the characters, though there are certainly some standouts in the vast cast, or even the plot, but the unique voice behind the novel.
Try as I might, I cannot compare this to anything I've read lately. It is in a league of its own.
For older teens and adults of all ages, it's an epic fantasy adventure with horror and metaphysical undertones. You will not want the book to end!

5/5--unique and entertaining!

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