Thursday, October 9, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: "The Cure For Consciousness" by Peter Jelen


The next time I eat chocolate chip cookies will be a frozen day in Hell.

The Cure For Consciousness, by Peter Jelen, is a disturbing short, satirical novella. It is a journal of a baker, father and husband from a middle-class, normal family. On the outside, everything is peachy. On the inside, however, is a vicious, mind-eating disease: Consciousness.
Ernie Lobe is sick from life itself: his psychotic wife, his two gay children and the new, technology-crazed, gluten-free world. The only cure for consciousness? Death, and he seeks but until he finds it, he's going to fake it till he makes it...just don't eat any of his baked goods!

The Cure For Consciousness is by far the most disgusting thing I've read since the beginning of Stephen King's Dreamcatcher. It's unabashedly vulgar and honest in its vulgarity.
Consciousness, if I'm being as blunt as Mr. Jelen was, is a real killer. The world is in a state of self-deprecation and degradation. What Ernie Lobe feels is what can become of many humans who don't have the mental capacity (or high-grade pharmaceuticals) to survive this place.
It's a story of insanity, of hate and of death. But most of all, this is a story about life.
Do not read if you've got a weak stomach. Otherwise, enjoy this crazy ride. I know I did. I congratulate Mr. Jelen for this work. We need more writers like this.


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